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Cool Bugs and Evolution of Style: A Long Story About a Small Drawing

Believe it or not, this collaboration between 4-year-old me and my much older half-sister (by which I mean, mostly her) perfectly predicts my current art style.

It comes from a little book called Bugs are Cool Bugs. You probably haven’t heard of it because it’s made of 6 torn out notebook pages taped together. It’s one of several treasures my mother thoughtfully saved for me in a binder of other child scribbles and stories dutifully recorded for me by my ghostwriters/babysitters.

Making this drawing is one of few memories I have of my half-sister, Harmony. I remember the visit itself poorly, and most of our relationship is based on long distance emails. But I remember creating the drawing very vividly. I remember Harmony doing voices for the bugs while she made their speech bubbles. I remember giggling and speculating what whimsical elements we could add (bugs and airplanes fly, so why can’t they go together?) I remember thinking our drawing was SO packed with tiny details and motion…

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