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The Art of Letting Go: The Story Behind “Crushed”

When Belle Alvarez reached out to ask if I wanted to be part of her new project about unrequited love, I didn’t have to think about my answer: it was an obvious yes. I’ve been painting like a fiend all month, and I’m so excited to finally be able to share what I’ve made. Our 24 page booklet Crushed: A Guide for Coping with Unrequited Love will be available this Valentine’s Day.

While we’re waiting for the opening, I thought I’d share why I care about this project enough to let it consume my life for a month.
Of course, wanting to make art about heartbreak usually stems from experiencing it yourself. Belle and I both had crushes on close friends in 2018. Not a fun experience, personally speaking, but it’s okay now. For me, it wasn’t just the one, recent crush. Sure, I had some losses and disappointments in 2018, but it was also a year of reflecting on how much I’ve grown and how much better I’ve gotten at dealing with those feelings. Once, I pined over a boy without knowing how to dea…

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