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15+ Things to do With Stickers

Since I’ve started making stickers, I often hear people say they’re not sure where to put them, that they like them too much to “waste them” by putting them someplace unworthy. For me, stickers are about self-expression and beautifying your space, so any place you’ll see it is a good one. Here are a few ideas to try. On the cover of a notebook, folder, binder, or bullet journal. Use them to highlight pages you want to easily find again or reward yourself for completing an item on your to-do list. If you’re like me and you’ve got stacks of binders and notebooks everywhere, this is also a good way to help differentiate between them or remember what’s in each. Make a mini sticker gallery. If you’re out of room on your notebook cover, try setting aside a couple pages at the front or back to hold all of your stickers. I once met someone who had several pages of stickers in her notebook, including stickers from fruit she’d eaten or barcodes she’d peeled off. It was neat to see.Laptop. The b…

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