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Why Not Do Only One Thing?

It's difficult for me to describe what I do, not because I'm shy or dislike talking about my work but because there's so much of it. People have asked me more than once: why not stick to stickers? Why not stick to paper dolls? Why not stick to paper dolls? Today I'm going to talk about why I'm always bouncing between completely different projects.
The simple answer: I like it.
One reason is that I find so much energy and joy in movement. It keeps me from getting stale. For example: I don't always have ideas for new mandala illustrations -- or ideas I like -- and it can be helpful to take a break to work on something else. When I allow myself to pursue what's most interesting to me, it ensures that I'm always working with enthusiasm and a curious mind rather than forcing myself to labor over a project I don't care about. I think that shows in my work. Often, working on something totally different reminds me what I liked about the first project and giv…

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