Paper Dolls Galore - Commissions Available

This month I got a couple paper doll commissions and made another as a gift - busy month in many, many ways! (All good things, I think.) I really like how they all turned out, so I'm excited to share them with you now.

The doll above was commissioned by an artist I really admire, Courtney Blazon. This doll comes with a full outfit change, a notebook and pen, and a very handsome taxidermy racoon named Harold.

Courtney's fashion sense is very different from mine...which made this doll extra fun.

I also made a doll for another artist friend, Kara Torres. If you follow me on Instagram (which you SHOULD because sometimes I have contests there plus work-in-progress videos and other goodies) you might remember that I did a sticker swap with her a few months ago.

This doll was fun because of the small details in her piercings and tattoos. Also, like most of the paper dolls I've been making lately, this one has shiny metalic details in the buttons, shoes, and jewelry.

Lastly, I also made a doll in honor of black + trans educator, activist, and poet, J Mase III. Not only was I lucky enough to partake in a game-changing workshop he taught on living $u$tainably as an artist, but I continue to learn from him all the time just by following him on Facebook. His posts are always thought provoking and have helped me start tough conversations with some of my friends.

This doll has two shirt options and some shiny metallic sneakers (my favorite part.)

I plan to spend the next couple months focusing most of my energies on drawing mandalas for my Love Poems series, BUT I am available for new paper doll commissions. I also have some downloadable sheets you can color & assemble to your liking at home on my website and Etsy - $2 each.

The "menu" for a custom paper doll is as follows:

Basic - 
$10 one 8" tall doll with one outfit and no accessories

Fancy- $15

 one 8" tall doll with up to 3 accessories (examples: musical instrument, sports equipment, books, etc) OR a partial outfit change (example: extra shirt with sleeves, extra skirt, extra hairstyle)

Deluxe - $20

one 8" tall doll with a full outfit change and one accessory OR two 8" tall dolls

Fancy Deluxe - $25

 one 8" tall doll with a full outfit change / two 8" dolls PLUS up to 5 accessories or a combination of partial outfit changes and accessories

(Plus shipping and tax.)

They look great on your desk or in a frame and make good personalized gifts. <3 Just sayin'.

Stay tuned for more drawings, from paper dolls to mandalas, and back again.


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