May 2018 Patreon Stickers

This month's sticker set was inspired by spending part of my winter holiday at my mom's house in New Mexico. She's an artist too--she mostly makes found-object or "trash art" sculptures, but her background is more eclectic. She also makes quilts of both paper and fabric, as well as other fabric creations. Before I was born, she made these heavy duty, 3ft plushies / fabric sculptures of a pangolin and an armadillo. They're very impressive in their detail. On the pangolin, for example, each scale is attached individually and has thickness and depth to it. I was inspired to doodle them in the sketchbook I made myself while I was there.

Her bookshelves are full of artist's reference books, magazines and dated books for inspiration or for cutting up and collaging, and pattern-making guides. She worked for a ad company in the 80s, and she still has these books of illustrators' samples that the companies would use to decide who should design the ad and then contact the artists or their representative. (Pre-internet and pre-digital art, I guess.) The original pangolin and armadillo are made of monochromatic upholstery fabcric, but for the colors and patterns on my sticker designs I took inspiration from some of the books on my mom's shelves.

I tried several different colors and patterns, actually. I want to open up that level of play for some of my upper tier patrons as well. Folks who've pledged $5 on my Patreon will get one of each sticker. Folks who've pledged $10 will also get the pangolin and armadillo in white so they can color them at home any way they like.

Sign up before May 1st to ge yours!


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